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Prolena One is the trade name of a Natural medicine that is extracted from the Adzuki bean. It was first published in the Second Century by the Chinese pharmacopia "Divine Husbandman's classic of the Materia Medica".
Since then, Medical researchers have lost track of this multipurpose remedy, until it has resurfaced and approved by Health Canada in accordance with the FDA in 2012. It can be used orally and topically having three anti-oxidants combined and is approved to clear heat (inflammation) swelling, edema, abdominal fullness, promote urination and clears urinary difficulties.
As you view the clinical study page along with the health benefit page on this site, you will see why this Ancient remedy have now taken the center stage as an effective treatment for multiple diseases including: heart disease, systemic inflammatory conditions including joint disorders and inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and diabetic neuropathy, cancers, weight loss, urinary difficulties including frequent urination and more.

100% Natural Multi-Purpose Remedy & Anti-Inflammatory!

ProlenaOne™ has been approved by Health Canada as an Anti-Inflammatory, and to assist in the promotion of urination and for Bloating. All it takes is 1 tablespoon of ProlenaOne™ once a day in the morning.
ProlenaOne™ also assists with weight loss and boosts blood circulation.

ProlenaOne™ Product Line:

  • ::  Non GMO
  • ::  Made from Organic seeds
  • ::  No pesticides
  • ::  100% Vegetarian
  • ::  Gluten Free
  • ::  No artificial colors or flavors

ProlenaOne™ Contains:

  • ::  No dairy
  • ::  No sweeteners
  • ::  No soy
  • ::  No wheat
  • ::  No yeast

Note: One bottle lasts approximately 1 month.

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